Arie’s Adventures: 20 Facts About Me

  • I am named after The Little Mermaid from the Disney movie (My sister’s fault)
  • Because of this I have this constant urge to always dye my hair red and feel it is my life’s goal
  • I have been mistaken to be part Swiss, German, Japanese, and Korean
  • My friends say I am too pale and call me ‘Arie Cullen’ or Vampire all because of Twilight
  • Favorite foods include, pasta, sushi, BBQ, and possibly any and all deserts
  • I have an obsession with my nails, they always have to be painted, I will not leave the house if they are not painted
  • My hands and wrists are tiny! People say they are cute 🙂
  • I will always love leggings and will wear them anywhere and everywhere
  • In elementary school I wanted to be in a band, but I realized I suck at singing
  • I play guitar and want to learn piano
  • My first concert was Jonas Brothers Burning Up Tour,  it was awesome
  • I do not think I am that interesting at all
  • I started this blog as something to do over the summer and so far I am liking it,  I may continue throughout the year
  • When I was little my parents always took pictures of me. In every one of those pictures I look as clueless as I am now
  • My favorite TV shows are: White Collar, supernatural and my mad fat diary
  • The book that made me start reading is New Moon, the second book in the Twilight series (yes I started with the second book).
  • I love making DIY’s
  • I am going to an Art and Design university in the fall
  • I love listening to new tunes especially when they match my mood (pathetic fallacy, which is truly pathetic)
  • I am always listening to music, I feel empty when there is complete silence

There should be more to come of these…I really like making them 😉


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