A Review: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Rimmel’s Wake Me Up liquid foundation promises to reawaken tired morning skin and replaces dead, lifeless mornings with a healthy and radiant glow. With anti-fatigue effects and a Vitamin Moisturizing complex, the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation has been raved about by many other bloggers and beauty gurus. Of course this hype compelled me to purchase this product at my local drugstore.

I purchased Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation in the shade 103 True Ivory, the second lightest shade. This shade is a tad bit darker than my natural skin tone however, I do not mind the difference in colour (especially for the summer, it makes me look all tanned and nice) for my natural skin is as pasty as Elmer’s glue. This light, matte finish foundation leaves the skin feeling almost completely naked, which is perfect for people who do not always want to wear makeup, like myself. This formula has a slight smell to it that reminds me of Cabbage Patch Kids. (Those big faced dolls that are birthed on a cabbage farm that smell like clean babies? Anyone? Seriously, anyone?) It may be odd to say that this foundation smells like plastic dolls of ones lost childhood, but it truly does! Not in a weird way, trust me, this product smells great! From the glory of genetics, I was graced with combination skin that tends to scar quite easily. This foundation however, did not make me breakout and gave my skin the healthy glowing skin it promised and is also quite moisturizing on top of that. Throughout the day, this product leaves my skin feeling very comfortable with very little need for touch-ups. This foundation, with buildable coverage, brightens and lifts the tired faces of their owners and not because of its price tag. This product has been compared to the YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat as an amazing drugstore dupe!

The bright orange cap gives Rimmel a distinct look that no one else has ever tried. The packaging for this product has great utility purposes because the wide gaping hole of an opening is instead replaced with a pump. I was skeptical at first, being used to the screw on tops and sticking my finger into the bottle to utilize every drop of product possible, however, the pump is a great advantage that I learned to enjoy. Instead of having to pour out product on to ones hand, the efficient pump ensures that the right amount of product comes out of its beautiful packaging. However, if this pump were to ever break, I would too. Then after prying myself off the floor, would I then head to the store and purchase another one (yes I know, but I love this product so much). The range of shades is quite small however, with only 6 shades to choose from. Those who are in this colour range should defiantly try this product and expect wonders from it.

Overall, this product gives great buildable coverage for an amazing price tag. With its amazing natural looking finish the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation brings a smile to my face on tired early mornings. I look forward to testing out more Rimmel products, like the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, in the near future (Keep a look out!). I give the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 4.5 stars out of 5.

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*



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